The Toddler Room

Our Toddler Room at our childcare and early learning centre caters for up to 16 children aged 18 months to 2.5 years. This is the perfect space in which to learn and grow in these very early developmental years. In the Toddler Room, our highly experienced and trained staff create an environment where your toddler can flourish. As part of our Toddler Room activities, we have both indoor and outdoor activities in our childcare centre. These are designed to nurture creativity, encourage socialisation and aid learning.

Put Your Child On the Right Track

Another major benefit to the Toddler Room is that it prepares children for the next stage of their development, and will leave them completely ready for the Pre Kinder Program. Here at Lili’s Early Learning Centre, our programs are connected in a way that makes transitioning from one program to another completely painless for the child. They will spend each year slowly and seamlessly growing into the following program, so that by the time they’re ready for the Kindergarten Room, even this milestone won’t seem so intimidating. Beginning with the Childcare Nursery Room, our rooms are designed in such a way that encourages growth and development throughout the entirety of those first few crucial years.