Indoor & Outdoor Play

At Lili’s Early Learning Centre, we strongly believe in the value of both indoor and outdoor activities in childcare. This is because a child’s physical environment will directly affect their wellbeing, happiness, creativity and developing independence. This is why it is so crucial that children are exposed to healthy environments that encourage learning and safe exploration. When your child is at Lili’s Early Learning Centre, even from their earliest months in the childcare nursery room, they will spend time both inside and outside to ensure maximum comfort and wellbeing.

Childcare In an Indoor Environment

Indoor activities for childcare will vary depending on the age group of the children. Each of our programs, from the toddler program to the kindergarten room, involve free play alongside loose structural signposts like meal times and nap times. Within our childcare indoor environments, we also run a number of guided activities that teach children various literacy and numeracy skills. Children are additionally given creative and sensory activities to complete, as well as opportunities to explore their own interests during supervised free play sessions. We encourage social interaction and collaboration to develop behavioural skills, emotional intelligence and language skills, while also allowing children to complete tasks independently. Sufficient furniture, materials and developmentally appropriate equipment are provided and maintained in order to support all children as they engage with the program and each other. Along with the helpful input of our experienced childcare professionals, this equipment will nurture your child’s developing skills and sense of independence. Our indoor activities work in tandem with our outdoor childcare activities to create an environment that is conducive to maximum learning.

Childcare in an Outdoor Environment

Along with indoor activities in childcare, we offer children ample opportunity to explore their outdoor environments. Research and experience has taught us that spending time outside is incredibly important for children’s development. The outdoors introduces children to a whole new sensory world, with different sights, smells and sounds than they’re used to experiencing in indoor environments. In order to understand the world around them, they need to experience first-hand the numerous wonders of the outdoors. If they don’t, this kind of unconventional space can become quite frightening to them, and they will struggle to navigate this different world.

Outdoor play areas in our childcare include spaces such as playgrounds, sandpits and lawned areas. For children who require toddler room childcare services (aged 18 months to 2.5 years), these spaces provide them with the chance to feel things like sand and grass. This kind of sensory opportunity is crucial during these development years. Older children, such as those from the pre kinder program, will enjoy developing their fine motor skills and coordination with the kinds of outdoor activities that are made possible by outdoor childcare. While all of our programs are at least partially conducted in a childcare room, we conduct outdoor childcare activities on a daily basis.

Balancing Childcare Outdoor & Indoor Activities

At Lili’s Early Learning Centre, we will ensure your child’s environment, whether inside or out, is safe, clean and well maintained. Within our childcare practices, all indoor and outdoor activities are conducted as safely as possible too. Your child’s awareness of the environment and sustainable practice will be supported through daily practices, resources and interactions. The physical environment, both in and outdoors, will support your children’s learning, safety, levels of engagement and access to positive experiences and inclusive relationships.