Kinder Room

Our kindergarten room caters for children aged between 4 and 5 years, with a maximum of 22 children in this group each day. Bachelor-qualified, early childhood teachers lead and develop the programs for our kinder room. In this space, engaged and productive learning occurs throughout the day. Our children are confident to resource their own learning through making positive choices, incorporating their interests and understanding our room values.

Our kindergarten room caters for children aged between 4 and 5 years old, encouraging them to explore a range of key skills in a supportive, nurturing and fun environment. This childcare room provides your child with plentiful opportunities to discover and pursue their interests and passions.

Discover Our Other Early Learning & Childcare Rooms

As part of our centre, we also have a range of other early learning environments beyond our kindergarten. For instance, our toddler room offers children a range of engaging play activities to learn key early social skills, as well as improve their cognitive and motor skills. Similarly, our nursery room introduces your child to foundational skills in an age-appropriate and stimulating way, while maintaining their at-home routine for enhanced comfort.


The first step to enrol your child in our kindergarten is to come for a visit! Take a look around and meet our friendly staff as you discover the supportive and nurturing environment we work hard to create every day. Get in touch today to learn more.