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Foster Your Child’s Future With Our Tarneit Child Care & Kindergarte

Lili’s Early Learning Centre is a privately owned and family-operated 3 to 5-year-old kindergarten near Tarneit. With an emphasis on the highest quality of care and empowering your child to grow, develop and pursue their interests, our 3 to 5-year-old kinder options are the perfect way to instil a lifelong love of learning in your child.

Help Your Child Start School Strong With Our 3-Year-Old Kinder

Take advantage of the Victorian Government’s free kinder initiative for your 3 or 4-year-old by enrolling your child in our Pre-Kinder/Kinder Room. As a member of our 3 years kinder, your child will be part of a safe and nurturing environment with a specially curated program. This includes indoor and outdoor play spaces to explore new concepts and foundational skills, including social skills, language and literacy, numeracy, pattern recognition, and emotional intelligence. Our accredited and professionally trained early childhood educators will support your child throughout their kinder experience. As part of this, they will encourage your child to creatively engage with new learning opportunities through play, both collaboratively with other children and independently. Importantly, they will always have a fun and safe experience that helps them grow.

Take Your Child’s Learning to the Next Level With Our Kindergarten

Building upon the skills they have developed in our 3-years kinder, our funded by the victorian government Kinder Room is the next step in your child’s learning journey. At our kindergarten, servicing Tarneit and the surrounding areas, we offer play-based learning and your child will continue to discover and pursue their passions in another curated and carefully designed learning program.Led by a qualified teacher With opportunities to learn with others and independently, your child will further develop key skills, including social and emotional skills, as well as grow their language, literacy and numeracy abilities. They will also take part in our music and movement activities, helping refine fine motor skills while also participating in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Explore a Host of Caring, Safe & Fun-Filled Early Learning Experiences

If your child is not yet ready for our 3-years kinder, we also have options to suit their developmental needs and capabilities.

For instance, our Nursery Room caters to children from 6 weeks to 18 months. Here, your child will be part of a warm, safe and nurturing environment. Our trained staff will follow your child’s routines closely to allow for a smooth transition between home and child care. This also ensures that they feel comfortable at our centre.

Similarly, our Toddler Room helps your child become more confident in new social environments, as well as learn. Here, we also ensure there is a clear routine and structure to follow, providing your child with a level of security to make them feel at ease. We blend this with a range of activities to encourage creativity and self-expression, along with plenty of guidance to help them explore new concepts and skills.

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