Our Early Learning Centre Programs

At Lili’s Early Learning Centre we strongly believe in the power of bonds and partnerships between children, families, educators and community. Our aim is to build a bridge between these aspects of a child’s environment and social life, bringing them all together to foster a well-rounded, balanced and independent child. This aim forms the framework of all our early years learning programming.

Foundational & Fun Early Childhood Learning Programs

Our educators use the Early Years Learning Framework in creating all our centre’s programming, incorporating indoor and outdoor activities in our childcare environment for a well-rounded learning and play experience every day. These Early Years Learning Framework Principles and Practices also allow for a child’s individuality and unique interests to be catered through a variety of activities.

At the centre of all our programs, from our early learning and pre-kinder programs to our kindergarten program, is a focus on learning through play. We believe that every child learns best when they are able to explore their interests and interact with the world around them in a safe and supportive environment. Fostering this love of learning, curiosity and imagination is key to helping children make the transition to schooling and providing them with foundational learning skills. 

As part of this, all our rooms have multiple play spaces that allow children to develop a range of skills and explore different interests and passions. For instance, in our childcare nursery room, children have access to age-appropriate toys and specially trained early learning staff to empower them to try new things and build on earlier successes. Similarly, our kindergarten room has been outfitted with activities that are open-ended, allowing children to use their imaginations and explore opportunities as far as they wish. All play spaces are carefully designed to encourage particular skills or learning, while allowing flexibility and adaptability to suit each individual child’s needs and interests. Educators also provide supportive, positive reinforcement and encourage children to try new activities or avenues of thought.

In addition to these play spaces, we incorporate music and movement programs in all our rooms. For instance, in our toddler room, children learn about different musical instruments, songs and dances. This encourages the development of cognitive and gross motor skills, while they interact with and participate in a group. Music and movement forms a part of our daily program, which children regularly look forward to.

Empowering Through Play Every Day

Our childcare rooms and programs encourage children to be independent in a nurturing and supportive environment. When children achieve a goal, no matter how large or small, they feel empowered. This fosters a love of learning and builds their confidence, helping them overcome future hurdles and obstacles with a healthy resilience. This is why we carefully work with each child to embrace their uniqueness and individual learning styles to provide them with fun and happy experiences that support future learning and endeavours.

Creating an Early Childhood Learning Program With Parents

All program planning, along with individual child’s portfolios, are available for families to view and advise on. We are proud to work collaboratively with families to encourage and support children’s interests, both at home and in the childcare setting. This partnership ensures consistency in your child’s learning in a range of supportive and nurturing environments for the best start in life. It also provides a regular opportunity for our team and your family to meet and discuss your child’s interests and development, and plan how to best support them.

Enrol Your Child in One of Our Early Learning Programs

Give your child a headstart for schooling and beyond with carefully planned early childhood learning programs, developed and designed by our experienced staff. Our programs emphasise learning through play to encourage positive and fun learning experiences that cater to every child and their unique passions. To learn more, contact us today.

Music and Movement

Music and movement are integral part of each rooms program on a daily basis.

The aim of the music program is to familiarise children with instruments, different forms of music, dancing and songs as well as group participation and interaction.

Movement develops gross motor skills, co-ordination and cognitive skills.