Governance, Management of Records & Confidentiality

Aim: To ensure the manner in which Governance, Management and Confidentiality of all records and information held at the centre is known to families and staff and restricted to authorized persons only.

Information in relation to children and families is not to be divulged or communicated directly to any person other than:

            To the extent necessary for the education and care or
            medical treatment a child to whom the information relates, except
            in the case of information kept on a staff record: or a parent of a child
            to whom the information relates.
            Information and records pertaining to families and children will be
            kept secure in an office at the service.

Permanent staff will have access to children’s enrolment information, family contact details, medical information and developmental records as required.

When an intervention service is assessed as necessary to work with families, parents will be requested to provide written permission for those to share information and discuss matters concerning the safety and wellbeing of the child and family with appropriate staff.

Only the director and manager will have access to any financial information pertaining to any family at the centre.

Casual employees will not be given access to records except in an emergency.

Children’s developmental records will be stored in an area accessible only to staff.

Staff are not to give out details of children other than to approved persons.

If parents wish to contact other parents to organise a social occasion, staff can forward a note for one parent to the next.

The centre will maintain and keep up to date records of attendance on daily sheets.

Information Relating to Staff/Contractors

A staff roster detailing the hours to be worked by all staff members, casual staff or contractors to be maintained. Staff to complete ‘sign in’ and ‘out’ sheets. Personal information and records regarding staff are held by the centre. Staff are not to give out information without the manager’s permission.

Information Relating to Service Operations

The service will develop and maintain policies that promote the health, safety and wellbeing of children attending the service and will ensure that copies of policies are made available at the premises of the service for inspection by parents.

Retention and Storage of Records

The centre will retain records relating to an incident, illness, injury or trauma to a child for a period of seven years. Records pertaining to a staff member are to be retained for three years.

Parents are able to access information on their child at any time whilst the information is held at the centre.

Parents will be provided with their child’s developmental records once the child leaves the centre.

Children’s Services Policy No 1.8
Education and Care Services National Law Act 2012
Care Services National Regulations, The Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998
Children’s Services Guidelines for use of Portfolios
Policy reviewed August 2017