Facebook Policy

This policy applies to all Lili’s Early Learning employees in that compliance is a condition of your employment. We recognise that Social Media tools such as Facebook are increasingly used to:

  • promote LEL to staff and families
  • share personal opinions and participate in online dialogue as individuals

The purpose of this policy is to establish standards and expectations regarding any related use of such.

You need to adhere to the following when engaging in social media:

  • Information technology resources are company property and inappropriate use is not acceptable. This includes, posting of offensive material on content-sharing websites, publishing defamatory remarks about colleagues or customers on web forums or blogs, and leaking confidential information regarding both the business and employees, current and past.
  • Information claimed to be published by LEL continued within blogs and other websites could have a negative impact on the centre, with potential legal implications. Unless you have permission to speak on behalf of the centre via social media, an employee shall never claim to be speaking on behalf of LEL or expressing an official company opinion, in these communications.
  • It is not accepted that activities that are illegal or contrary to policies be conducted. Always respect the dignity and privacy of colleagues and clients. Harassing, intimidating, offensive abusive, threatening, menacing or hostile content through blogs and other online communication is prohibited. Data related to other, including personal details and pictures, will only be created with that party's consent.
  • Never knowingly communicate information that is untrue or deceptive. Communication will always be based on accurate, complete and relevant data. The centre will take all reasonable steps to assure the validity of information via any channel but it is staff responsibility to ensure accuracy.
  • Confidential centre information is to be protected at all times.

It is not appropriate to share, post, publish or disclose confidential information unless you are authorised to do so. You must respect all privacy laws that are considered personal information.


It is recognised that you may wish to use Facebook in your personal life.

However, you need to be aware that damage can be caused as an employee of LEL, therefore you need to comply with this policy to ensure that the risk of damage is minimised.

You are personally responsible for the content you publish on any form of social media platform inside and outside of work hours. When in doubt, seek guidance from the manager on the following obligations.

Where your comments or profile can identify you as a LEL employee you need to:

  • only disclose and discuss publicly available information
  • ensure that all content published is accurate and not misleading
  • ensure the stated views are your own and not those of the centre
  • adhere to the 'Terms of Use' of relevant social media as well as copyright, privacy, defamation, contempt of court, discrimination, harassment and other applicable laws, and policies of the centre

You must not:

  • Post material that is offensive, defamatory, threatening, harassing, bullying, discriminatory, racist, sexist, infringes copyright or unlawful.
  • imply you are authorised to speak on behalf of the centre or give the impression that any views you express are those of the centre.
  • Use LEL email address or any centre logos that may give the impression of official support from the centre of your personal comment.
  • use or disclose any confidential information obtained in your capacity as an employee
  • Post material that is construed to be threatening, bullying or discriminatory towards other employees. All employees are expected to treat their managers/colleagues with respect and dignity.
  • make any comment or post material that might cause damage to the centres reputation or bring disrepute.


You will be held accountable for the information you share online. You are personally responsible for what you share and anything you post may be public for an indefinite period of time.

We recommend employees do not form online relationships or comment on parents/children and all communication should be enacted on in person and within business hours. Private social media should be carried out without damaging the reputation of the centre, employees or families.

LEL may take reasonable and lawful steps in relation to any use of social media this not authorised or in breach of policy.

It is important to report any suspicious online behaviour of employees to the manager who will investigate.

As in the case of all company policies, if you do not comply you will be subject to a written warning or in serious cases, termination if warranted under the circumstances and under applicable law with costs may be recovered if incurred.

Policy reviewed August 2017