Communications & Social Media Policy

Lili’s Early Learning recognises that social media tools such as blogs, wiki's, micro-blogs, online forums, content-sharing websites and other digital channels established for online interaction and connections (e.g. Facebook, twitter etc.) are increasingly used to:

.   Promote centre to colleagues, customers and the media

.   Share personal opinions and participate in online communication

The purpose of this policy is to establish standards and expectations regarding centre related use of social media.

Technology Resources

Lili’s Early Learning information technology (IT) resources are company property dedicated to achieving our business objectives. Inappropriate use is not acceptable.

This includes defamatory remarks about colleagues or customers on web forums or blogs, leaking confidential information regarding both the business and employees (current and past).

Speaking on behalf of Lili’s Early Learning:

Unless an employee has been officially approved to speak on behalf of the company via social media, an employee shall never claim to be speaking ‘on behalf of the centre.’

Ethical Conduct

You shall not conduct activities that are illegal or contrary to other policies. Always respect the dignity and privacy of colleagues, customers and competitors. Harassing, intimidating, offensive, threating, menacing or hostile content communicated through blogs and other on line communications is strictly prohibited. Personal details and pictures shall only be posted with a person consent.

Accurate Information

Company information must be communicated with accuracy.

You shall protect confidential company information at all times. It is never appropriate to share confidential information unless you are explicitly authorised to do so. You must respect all employee’s privacy.                                                 

Policy reviewed August 2017