Leaving / Collecting A Child From The Centre

It is the policy of this centre that children will only be released to their parents or the person stated in writing on the enrolment form. The centre should have current copies of any custody or restraining orders- these will remain in a lockable filing cabinet in the centre office.


  1. Parents must leave their child with a staff member.
  1. Parents must correctly fill out and sign the sign in/out sheets upon arrival and departure from the centre.
  1. If the person collecting a child is not recognised by staff, they will need to provide photographic identification to confirm that they are listed as a authorised person to collect the child.
  1. If someone other than the person listed as collecting the child on the sign in sheet for that day arrives to collect the child and the centre has not been informed, a staff member will immediately contact the parent for authorisation. The child must remain at the centre until authorisation is provided by the parents.
  1. All persons collecting a child from the centre must be 18 years or older.
  1. If the authorised person wishes to give permission for a different person to collect their child, they must fill out a pick up consent form. The new person will be asked to provide photographic identification to confirm their identity when they arrive to pick up the child.

Policy reviewed August 2017