Open Door Policy

At Lili’s Early Learning we would like all parents and family members to feel welcome in participating in our programs. Family members all have unique interests, ideas, skills and talents. We actively encourage contributions to our programs, and therefore each child’s development, wherever possible. 

We understand that time is precious and value even the smallest visit to our centre.

There are many ways to become involved in our centre:

  • Discussing an occupation with the children
  • Playing and instrument
  • Explaining an interest such as knitting or cooking and helping to involve children in these activities.
  • Bringing in an item from your cultural background.
  • Or bring in a favourite book or song to share with the children and staff.

We encourage parents, grandparents and special friends to let us know if they wish to participate in the program so we can use their unique talents appropriately. All these contributions enrich our programs and extend the children’s concepts and development.

Policy reviewed August 2017