Custody Arrangements

It is the policy of this centre to comply with any legally binding written instructions regarding custody arrangements and to make every effort to ensure the safety and security of the children whilst at the centre. Parents must provide the centre with copies of current court orders etc, before we are able to comply.


  1. Parents must provide copies of custody documentation and written instructions
  1. Inform the manager of any current information that may assist with issues.
  1. If a non-custodial parent arrives to collect a child, staff will:
    • Contact the centre manager immediately
    • Contact the custodial parent
    • Outline the situation to the non-custodial parent, away from other children and parents.
    • If the non-custodial parent becomes aggressive or abusive, call the police immediately
    • Staff are not to place themselves in danger by physically attempting to restrain a person

Policy reviewed August 2017