A qualified kindergarten teacher runs the 3.5 – 5-year program. A program is displayed in the room each week. Through planned activities and experiences, as well as free play, the children learn how to be imaginative, to problem solve, develop relationships with others and develop gross and fine motor skills.

Children’s physical abilities develop when using scissors, crayons, play dough and clay implements, playing ball and climbing equipment. Through these planned experiences and free play the children develop socially as they learn to adjust to working well within a group situation. Even though your child may occasionally not take anything home, it does not mean she/he has not been participating.

At LEL, we aim to develop a strong sense of self worth and to prepare each child for their school years by fostering social, intellectual, physical and creative development, with a feeling of security. For further details, in regards to the kindergarten program please see the information contained in our brochure, speak to the manager or director or make an appointment to speak with the kindergarten teacher.

Policy reviewed August 2017