Special Needs Inclusion

It is a policy of this centre that all children are treated equal. Staff use multicultural keywords to communicate with children who speak an alternative language to English.

Staff training is provided through parents or external resources for appropriate equipment, activities and advice to ensure that the child’s specific daily needs are met.

Staff at LEL will promote inclusion of all children by:

  • Demonstrating acceptance of and respect for children
  • Show that they value and perceive all children as a whole person, rather than seeing them only in terms of their needs
  • Take the time to get to know children with special needs including, their strengths and weaknesses as well as their areas of need
  • Using children’s interests and strengths as the basis for planning and learning experiences
  • Support other children and adults at the service to understand children with special needs
  • Provide families with regular information regarding children’s progress and experiences

Seek out information from families and other relevant sources regarding children’s special needs or condition

Sourced: UNICEF – Rights of the Child
NCAC - 2009
Policy reviewed August 2017