Supporting Children's Individual Needs Policy

Children and their families will be accepted into the centre on an equal basis. It is a core focus of our philosophy that staff welcome and treat all children and families equally as individuals.

We are sensitive to the unique needs of children and their families and we respect their diverse backgrounds regardless of religion, gender, culture, physical needs and/or disabilities, and socio-economic conditions. LEL recognises the individual needs of children are important factors in their development and overall wellbeing.

We understand that the individual needs of children can, at times, affect their play and learning, which affects how staff plan for children’s experiences.

Forming a partnership between the centre and each child’s family is central to providing effective care. We are committed to maintaining positive lines of communication when collaborating with children, families, staff and external agencies to meet individual needs.

These needs could include health, allergies, developmental, cultural and religion. Through open communication and information sourced from individual enrolment forms we endeavor to manage and support these areas.

Policy reviewed August 2017