Diversity And Equity Policy

It is the right of all children and adults to receive education which rewards, respects, and develops their individual needs, interests, and potential, without regard to gender, race or creed.

At LEL we aim to create an environment that supports, reflects and promotes equitable and inclusive behaviours and practices, and respects individuals and groups of people. The environment treats and respects people equally regardless of gender, age, socio-economic status, race, language, beliefs, additional needs and family structure or lifestyle.

All children and their families will be accepted into the centre on an equal basis. In the case of limited vacancies positions will be offered to children in accordance with the Priority of Access guidelines set down by the Family Assistance Office.

Children learn through example and modeling is an important way to teach them about the values that support diversity and equity therefore the staff play an important role in educating children.

We are to be conscious of the way they treat children and adults and to act in a non-biased way in regard to language, attitude, assumptions and experiences.

Educators will provide a positive role model for children e.g. female staff climbing and running and male staff showing nurturing qualities.

Staff will provide positive, non-stereotypical experiences for children. We ensure that play and learning experiences are child focused, relevant and meaningful and respectful of all individuals.

The centre will provide resource materials which portray non-stereotypical views of both genders.

The centre will employ staff of either gender, provided they are the best applicant for the position.

Sourced: Anti-Discrimination Act 1991
Policy reviewed August 2017