Toilet Training Policy

Learning to use the toilet is an exciting milestone for young children. Staff are happy to assist toddlers when the time is right to start toilet training.

We have developed a toilet training policy to ensure that toilet training is a positive experience for every child. Staff will assist with toilet training when the child demonstrates that he/she is developmentally ready to commence toilet training. A child may be ready to toilet train when they can do the following.

  • Tell you when they are wet or soiled or when they want to go to the toilet
  • Can control the urge to wet or soil.
  • Shows an interest in the toilet – or a desire to not wet or soil nappies
  • Undresses – or at least pulls his/her own pants down

Other signs that the timing is right include longer, dryer periods between wet nappies, regular bowel movements that are passed easily and general good health. It is recommended that you do not start toilet training if your child is unwell.

Information fact sheets on toilet training are available at the centre for your information. Please ask your child’s room leader for more information.

To minimise the risk of contamination, parents are asked to provide an adequate supply of disposable ‘pull ups’ or absorbent underwear while your child is toilet training.

Staff at the centre are not able to wash soiled underpants and clothing for hygiene reasons. Soiled clothing will be placed into a plastic bag and sealed tightly. It will be kept out of the reach until the end of the day for soaking and washing.

Procedures Toileting Hygiene (sourced NHMRC 2005. Updated June 2009)
Policy reviewed August 2017