Smoke Free Environment Policy

Research has shown that passive smoking (the inhalation of environmental tobacco smoke) increases risks to health, (Cancer Council Australia, 2004).

LEL has a duty of care under occupational health and safety legislation to provide a safe and healthy environment for all persons who utilise the service for child care requirements or employment.

LEL does not permit the smoking of any substance in any areas it utilises for child care requirements or employment of persons within 4 metres of the centre.

We have adopted a Smoke Free Environment Policy to protect all persons from the effects of environmental tobacco smoke.

Promoting a safe environment for all persons means ensuring that the areas utilised by LEL are free of smoking, and satisfy legal duty of care requirements under the Occupational Health and safety Act.

A smoke free environment policy is vital because children model adult behaviour and children are prone to the harmful effects of environmental tobacco smoke because their lungs and body weight are small so the dangerous substances in smoke are more harmful.

Staff who wish to smoke during work hours may do so four metres from the workplace and in their scheduled lunch break only.

Parents, family members or relatives of children enrolled at the centre will not be permitted to smoke on the premises and will adhere to the Smoke Free Environment Policy.

Smoking bans in workplaces are a matter of legislation and centre policy.

BCCK actively supports and provides information and assistance for smokers to quit smoking.

Source: National Occupational Health and Safety Commission 2003
The Cancer Council Australia 2004
Policy reviewed August 2017