Rest And Sleep Policy

Lili’s Early Learning has a duty of care to ensure all children are provided with a high level of safety when resting or sleeping while in care. Effective rest and sleep strategies are important factors in ensuring a child feels secure and safe in their environment.

Our centre consults with families about their child’s individual needs and are aware of different values and parenting beliefs, cultural or otherwise that are associated with rest.

As part of the children’s daily routine, after lunch they will be encouraged to have sleep/ rest time.

Those who do not wish to sleep may use this time to quietly read a book, engage in quiet activities or lay down to rest. Sleep time for infants will vary for each individual child. We will accommodate these needs as to when they sleep, eat and play.

Infants have individual sleep routines available for viewing by any new staff member/parent to the rooms. Clear advice is available regarding the prevention of SIDS in the babies sleep rooms, to ensure that all staff have guidelines to which they must follow. A sleep record check is made of each baby whilst they sleep.

The primary safe resting and sleeping practices for children in care at this service are:

  • All children will be placed on their back to rest when first being settled for a rest. If a child turns on their side or stomach during sleep, we then allow them to find their own sleeping position.
  • All children will rest with their face uncovered
  • Children’s rest environments are free from cigarette smoke as detailed in our Smoke Free Environment Policy
  • The rest environment, equipment and materials will be safe and free from hazards
  • Staff will monitor resting children at regular intervals and supervise the rest environment
  • To prevent a baby from wriggling down under the bed linen, they will be placed with their feet closest to the bottom end of the cot
  • No pillows or bumpers will be used
  • All cots used within our service meet the ‘Australian Standards’ for cots

Daily routine sheets are completed by staff for parents’ information regarding your child’s day in care. These include meals, sleep times and activities.

Sourced: Children’s Services
Policy reviewed August 2017