Medication Policy

Lili’s Early Learning has a duty of care to ensure that children are provided with a high level of protection during the hours of the Centres operation. Medicating young children requires strict guidelines to ensure safe handling of administering medication to children.

The basic principles of medication administration will be adhered to at all times in the service. If your child requires medication to be administered, then the following requirements must be met:-

  1. Parents must enter all details on a ‘Medication Form’.  This is to be signed by the child’s legal parent/guardian giving consent for staff to administer medication to your child. This must be done for each day that a child requires medication.
  2. All medication prescribed must be in the original container, labeled by the pharmacy with the child’s name, dosage and the times when the medication is to be administered. The medication must not be past its use by date. This applies to over the counter medications and ointments.  Two staff members must check this information and the label prior to administration.
  3. The medication must be handed directly to the staff member, or placed in the fridge as required.  Medication should NEVER be left in the children’s bags as this poses a risk.
  4. All medication administered by a qualified staff member must be checked by the administering staff member and by another member at the same time.
  5. Paracetamol will be administered with prior written authorisation.  Only a custodial parent/caregiver can consent to the administration of medication including paracetamol.
  6. Over the counter medications, including cough and cold syrups are not recommended for children under the age of two without medical advice.  Over the counter medications will only be administered to children under the age of three for a period of up to 3 days without a medical certificate

A medication record book is maintained containing details of:

  • When it was last administered by the parent
  • Authorisation from the parent
  • Name of the medication filled in by the parent
  • Dosage of medication to be administered
  • Time medication needs to be administered
  • Who administered the medication
  • Who checked the dosage that was administered

If the staff member has any concerns regarding the dosage of a particular medication, they will check with the child’s doctor or the chemist before administering the medication.  If still in doubt then the parent will be contacted, medication will not be given until the matter has been resolved. In the instance where medication needs to be administered and consent is given over the phone, it must be relayed to two (2) members of staff.  Written confirmation will also be required as soon as possible.

Please note that medication must not be left in children’s bags

Education and Care Services National Regulation
Policy reviewed August 2017