Dangerous Products Policy

LEL has a duty of care to provide all person’s with a safe and healthy environment. A dangerous product is any chemical, substance or material that can cause potential harm, injury or illness to persons or damage to the services’ environment.

Toxic and potentially dangerous products may be stored on premises for cleaning and/or the on-going maintenance of the centre. All toxic and potentially dangerous products will be stored in the laundry or in cupboards with child locks placed on them and are in storage areas that are out of reach of children and clearly marked in their original packaging.

We believe that minimising the use of toxic chemicals is imperative to the safety and well being of our children, families and staff. The use of detergent and warm water is proven to be an effective substance when cleaning therefore we replace chemicals with detergent and warm water for cleaning throughout the centre. We use colour coded sponges to eliminate cross-contamination and ensure thorough and regular cleanliness is maintained as a means of hygiene control.

Bulk chemicals will be stored in the laundry which is in accessible to children. All cupboards will be marked with a warning “Dangerous Substances Stored”, and if possible a symbol for “Danger” e.g..

Regular staff training will be conducted in relation to universal precautions and the importance of handling potentially toxic and dangerous products. All new staff will go through a thorough induction in regard to toxic and potentially dangerous products.

A plan of action will be displayed in the laundry for emergency situations. Chemical data sheets are displayed. The service ensures that there are emergency procedures and practices for accidental spills, contamination and corresponding first aid plans for all dangerous goods handled and stored at our service.

At all times, a staff/ carer with first aid qualifications is on duty. The ‘Poisons Information Centre’ telephone number 131126 is displayed next to every telephone in the service and where dangerous products are stored.

Sourced: Education and child care services National Regulation 2012
Workplace Health and safety Act 1995
Staying Healthy in Childcare Fourth Edition
Policy reviewed August 2017