Clothing and Comfort Policy

Effective clothing and comfort strategies, including sun protection clothing and individual comforters, are important factors in ensuring a child feels secure and safe in a child care environment.

At LEL we endeavor to consult with families about their child’s individual needs and to be aware of different values and parenting beliefs, cultural or otherwise that are associated with clothing and footwear.

Children are required to bring a change of clothing for unexpected accidents. Toilet training children will require at least three changes of clothes in their bag daily. In the colder months we will continue to participate in outdoor activities therefore please ensure your child has a coat or jacket with them at all times.

During the summer months when the sun rays are strongest, children are required to provide an approved sun protective hat that is either a broad brimmed bucket or legionnaire’s style hat. We also recommend that children wear t-shirts in preference to sleeveless tops for added protection.

For the safety of your child we do not permit open toes shoes to be worn. Please provide appropriate footwear such as sandals that cover toes, shoes or sneakers that are comfortable and safe for climbing and other physical activities.

At sleep time the staff monitor the temperature of the rest environment and address children’s clothing needs. Children resting in jumpers with hoods and cords are at higher risk of choking and are encouraged not to wear these garments when resting.

We recommend that you dress your child in clothing that doesn’t restrict play and movement such as footwear that is cumbersome and inhibits children from walking and running.

LEL provides art smocks for messy play such as painting and collage experiences, clay or water play and cooking. Clothing needs to encourage self-help skills as this may cause frustration.

Sourced: Anti-Cancer Council
SIDS Victoria
Policy reviewed August 2017