Asthma Policy

Asthma is a chronic health condition affecting two in five children. It is the major cause of childhood admission to hospital. While an average of two people dies in Victoria each week from asthma, many of these deaths are preventable. Community education and correct management will assist to minimise the impact.

It is generally accepted children under the age of six do not have the skills and ability to recognise and manage their asthma effectively. With this in mind, LEL has a duty of care to educate staff and parents about asthma and to promote responsible asthma management strategies.


• On enrolment parents are requested to fill out medical details as part of the enrolment process.
• If parents identify the child as suffering from Asthma, the parents will also be required to fill out an Asthma action plan. This form gives the centre details as to the normal drug regime the child is on, as well as outlining the treatment that the child’s doctor has detailed in the event of an attack occurring.
• Asthma Action Plans will be stored in the child’s room and all staff will be informed.
• Parents are required to update these plans yearly.
• When a child is suffering or recovering from an attack of Asthma the parents will be require to bring in any reliever medication we may need should the child have a relapse.
• Any medication the child is to have or may need to have is stored as per the medication policy and recorded on the medication sheets in each room.
• Our First Aid kit will contain a blue reliever puffer (e.g. Airomir Asmol, Epaq or Ventolin), a spacer device and concise written instructions on Asthma First aid procedures.
• Where appropriate we will organise information sessions on asthma for parents/ guardians as well as organize training sessions for staff.
• We encourage open communication between parents/guardians and staff regarding the status and impact of a child’s asthma.
• Current written information about asthma is available for all families.

Sourced: Asthma Victoria, Education and child care services National Regulation 2012
DHS – Child Health Fact sheet
Policy reviewed August 2017