Serious accident: In the case of serious accident or illness, an appropriate staff member will make every attempt to contact the child’s parents immediately. Please ensure that recorded telephone numbers are correct.

If neither parent can be contacted, recorded emergency contacts will be used. In case of an emergency where staff are unable to adequately treat your child at the centre, you will be contacted immediately and an ambulance will be called.

All associated costs are to be met by parents.

Please note that staff are unable to transport children in their own vehicle.

Minor accident / injury

In the case of minor accidents or illness the following will occur:

  • An appropriately trained staff member will administer first aid and comfort the child
  • The staff member who witnessed the accident will immediately try to contact the parents regarding the accident
  • The staff member who witnessed the accident will complete the accident form for the parents to counter sign, and document the time and date that the parent was notified.
  • If required staff will be briefed as to how to greet the parent and informing them of the child’s injury and treatment administered and obtain a parent’s signature on the accident form.
  • When signing your child out please check for notes to inform you of the need to sign the accident.

Policy reviewed August 2017