First Aid Officer Policy

Lili’s Early Learning is committed to providing a safe working environment for all employees. Part of ensuring this occurs is the implementation of a policy which covers all duties required during a first aid incident.

In general terms employees have a right to expect LEL will provide a safe working environment which includes access to First Aid facilities in the case of injury or illness.

Staff have an obligation however to work within the legal requirements and safety rules with regard to safe working conditions. They must ensure that they do not cause accidents or create hazards which may endanger other employees, students or members of the public.

First Aid Officers

First Aid officers are staff who have been delegated by management to undertake the initial care of employees suffering injury or illness at work. LEL only appoints staff as First Aid Officers if they have current FIRST AID qualifications.

Responsibilities of First Aid Officers

First Aid officers undertake the initial care of people suffering injury and illness at work. This should be consistent with their skills and knowledge acquired from training. If in doubt the first aid officer should recommend an employee seek medical advice or arrange for assistance from emergency services. First Aid officers are not responsible for on-going medical care.

A First Aid officer attending to an injured or ill person must remain with them until no further treatment or assistance is required or until the person is handed over to ambulance or other medical personnel, unless the officer's personal safety is at risk.

They must recognise their limitations and only administer or carry out duties that have been included in their training except in an emergency when it may be necessary for them to follow a child’s Emergency Treatment Plan.

Skills and Competencies

First Aid officers must have current qualifications and ensure qualifications are renewed and updated as required. 

First Aid Procedures:

Should an employee require first aid they must immediately inform the First Aid officer who will provide the necessary assessment and treatment required. For injury related incidences it is up to the first aid officer to access the employee in order to obtain their condition and provide necessary treatment. Immediate first aid will be provided and additional assistance requested if needed. An incident form will be completed and sign by both the first aid officer and the employee.

For illness related incidences it is up to the first aid officer to access the employee in order to obtain their condition and provide necessary treatment. Staff are not to leave the premises without clearance from the First Aid Officer – they must clear them as competent to drive. If the First Aid officer does not feel they are competent to drive the employee must be collected by a third party or be driven home by the first aid officer.

If the employee has been cleared to drive home, they must ring the centre as soon as they arrive home to inform the first aid officer that they have arrived home. Staff must call the centre by 4:00pm to let management know if they will be attending work the following day. An incident form is to be completed and sign by both the first aid officer and the employee. 

First Aid Rooms

LEL will provide access for employees to a well illuminated and ventilated room in which to administer First Aid when needed – i.e. office or staff room. This should be easily accessible and be near a toilet. The room should not be used for any other purpose or be accessible by individuals other than employees. Each first aid room and kit should be under the control of a First Aid officer.

First Aid Services for Third Parties

LEL has a duty to protect the health and safety of people either at or near the workplace, including students and the general public. First Aid officers are not legally required to assist non-employees but it is generally accepted that on occasion they do. The First Aid officer should ensure that assisting any third party does not increase the risk of injury and ill health of LEL employees.


All records relating to an employee's treatment must remain confidential in accordance with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988.

Legislative Authority

Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988
Occupational Health and Safety (Commonwealth Employment) Act 1991
Privacy Act 1988
Approved Code of Practice for First Aid in Commonwealth Workplaces (effective 10.11.99)

The first aid officer for Lili’s Early Learning is Leila Vaezy

Policy implemented July 2014
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