It is the aim of this policy to ensure that children and staff remain safe in the event of an earthquake.


1. If inside, all children are to be taken into a safe location, staying away from glass and things that may collapse.
2. If possible, position children under door frames, benches, tables or anything sturdy that will provide protection in case the building collapses, making sure to block the wheels of the cots to avoid them moving around.
3. If outside, make sure children are away from any power lines, trees and overpasses and take rolls to ensure children are accounted for.
4. The manager should turn off electricity, water and gas supplies where possible and locate the first aid kit and a portable radio.
5. Staff should reassure children and calm those who appear distressed.
6. After the earthquake, staff should check all children are present and ensure no one is injured.
7. If there are any damages to the building or surroundings, management will call the relevant authorities to ensure the building is fixed as soon as possible.
8. If major damages have occurred, children may be evacuated from the building to ensure their safety.
9. Parents should refrain from entering the building until it is declared safe to do so.  

Policy reviewed August 2017