Severe Thunderstorms

The aim of this policy is to ensure children and staff are kept safe, remain calm and stay inside the building in the event of a severe thunderstorm.

1. Where possible, the manager will track the storm and advise and assist staff to move all outdoor equipment inside and tie down any loose items.
2. Staff will stay calm and comfort children showing signs of distress
3. Whilst assisting the children inside, one staff member will check that children are safely inside by marking the rolls.
4. Staff will keep children away from the windows and doors if the storm appears to be strong.
5. The manager will have a radio to listen for news reports and a torch in case the power goes out.
6. The manager will ensure a first aid kit is easily accessible.
7. If damage is caused children will be directed away from the area and the manager will ensure that major damage is repaired immediately and other damage is fixed as soon as possible.
8. Staff and parents are advised to refrain from the use of telephones or mobile phones during the storm unless the call is urgent. Should a phone call need to be made the call should be kept as brief as possible.
9. Upon the storm passing, management and staff will inspect the outdoor areas to ensure there are no hazards that have been caused by the storm. Once the area is declared safe, children and staff will be able to return to usual activities.

Policy reviewed August 2017