Emergency Evacuation Policy

At LEL we have a responsibility to protect the health and safety of each individual at all times, and to provide all person’s with a safe and healthy environment.

An emergency situation could occur at any time. Staff, adults and children need to be prepared and practiced so that an orderly evacuation can be made. All contingencies need to be considered. LEL operates an emergency evacuation procedure and such emergency drills are performed at regular intervals. Drills for emergencies are discussed with children on a regular basis and parents will be notified when the centre has practiced a fire drill.

Hence the importance of ‘signing in’ and ‘signing’ out your child, as the attendance book is checked to ensure that all children are accounted for, in an emergency.

Parents are encouraged to familiarise themselves with exits and evacuation procedures located on the notice board and in all rooms.

• On hearing the fire alarm raised all contact staff will stop the children doing any activity and marshal them in the room.
• Infants are to be placed into the fire cot and wheeled to the evacuation point.
• Group leaders will collect the room rolls and organise and lead the children calmly through the marked exit from the room.
• The assistants will follow the children in the rear and check they have been collected with the group.
• Once the group has exited the room and are assembled at the evacuation assembly point the group leader will mark the roll and make sure all children and staff are accounted for.
• During the evacuation the centre manager will follow through the centre and yards to check that all children have exited the centre.
• As each room is checked the doors are to be closed preventing children or staff returning to the building.
• The following will be collected from the office by the manger as they leave and taken to the evacuation assembly point: centre rolls, first aid box and a mobile phone.
• Staff will ensure that all children remain in the evacuation assembly area until the “all clear” is given by the manager to return.
• All parents will be notified and a thorough report will be submitted to the Department of Human Services.

Policy reviewed August 2017