School Transition Policy

Purpose: To ensure that children are encouraged and supported in this pivotal transition.


This policy acknowledges the start of a new life cycle for children preparing to start school and addresses the support structures and activities which can help children to prepare for the transition from their early childhood programme to school.

Policy statement

  • In the years before a child is due to start school, children are given opportunities to further develop and practice independence and self-help skills to assist the transition.
  • Staff and centre manager’s work in partnership with the local school to develop ways for children and families to familiarise themselves with the school and its programmes.
  • Families are provided with information and support to assist their understanding of their child’s readiness for school.

Our responsibilities

Lili’s Early Learning employees have a responsibility to ensure that:

  • Children are given the opportunity look after their own belongings and dress themselves.
  • Children are encouraged to express their wants and needs and to answer questions from others without adult intervention.
  • Children have the opportunity to practice conversation and thinking about things.
  • Children are encouraged to make choices and follow through with their decision in the programme and play experiences.
  • In the year before a child is due to start school, transition programmes for each child are developed in partnership with parents and local schools to familiarise children with the new environment and routines.
  • Children attending a funded kindergarten programme will have a transition statement written for them by the kindergarten teacher for the primary school they will attend.

Source: Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Transition: A Positive Start to School Resource Kit 2009
National Quality Standard 2011
Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011
Early Years Learning Framework
Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework
Policy reviewed August 2017