Excursion Policy

Lili’s Early Learning  recognises excursions provide opportunities for children to explore the wider community as a group and extend on the educational program provided at the centre.

The centre is committed to excursions which ensure that the health, safety and well-being needs of the children are met and any relevant sections of the Education and Care Services National Regulation 2012.

The staff are responsible for:

-       Assessing the requirements for the excursion.

-       Informing parents/guardians in advance of the details of the planned excursion

-       Requesting adult participation in the excursion.

-       Ensuring adults/parents are informed of the requirement to remain under the immediate supervision of the qualified staff member or proprietor.

-       Collecting completed permission forms and excursion fee, if required, for each child participating.

-       Arranging for a suitably equipped first aid kit, mobile phone, sunscreen (if required) and any additional medication required by the children attending to be taken on the excursion to ensure requirements

-        Notifying parents/guardians immediately of any change, or delay to the proposed excursion.

-       Ensuring child/staff ratios, as per requirements of NQF

-       Arranging for the details of the telephone number of any person who is to be notified of any accident, injury, trauma or illness involving the child and the child’s medical details to be taken on the excursion. Information is to be carried by a qualified staff member at all times.

-       Cancelling the excursion if the staff and adult/child ratio is not met and notifying the parents/guardians.

-       Ensuring only those children whose parents/guardians have completed and returned the permission form to attend the excursion.

All staff

-       Discussions with children about the aims and objectives of the excursion, and items of special interest to them.

-       Informing parent/guardians of any items the children require for the excursion. For example, hat and coat.

The parents/guardians/volunteers are responsible for:

-        Reading the excursion details and Excursion Policy provided by the centre and asking for additional information if required.

-        Signing Excursion permission form

-       Ensuring they remain under the immediate supervision of a qualified staff member or proprietor

-       Informing a staff member immediately if a child appears to be missing from the group.

-        Informing a staff member if a child needs to use toilet facilities or needs a nappy changed. The staff member will attend to the toileting needs.

-        Supervising and caring for other children in their care who are not enrolled in the program, for example siblings. If a parent volunteer brings a sibling, the adult will be considered an additional volunteer, and not be included in the minimum child/adult ratio for the excursion.

-        Complying with all centre policies whilst participating in the excursion, for example, Code of Conduct, Sun Protection Policy etc.

Transport to and from the excursion;

Lili’s Early Learning  does not use motor vehicles for excursions. All excursions are undertaken on foot.

Sourced: Education and care services national regulations 2012
Policy reviewed August 2017