When A Child Is Not Collected

It is policy of the centre that if a child has not been picked up by the centre’s closing time, staff will immediately contact the child’s parents and/or emergency contact listed on the enrolment form. If the centre staff are unable to contact any of these contact persons, the staff will contact the manager who will give further instructions.


  1. Try to contact the child’s parents.
  1. If this is not successful, contact the nominated emergency contact.
  1. Details of all calls must be recorded, including time of phone calls and number you tried to call and person.
  1. If this is not successful after 30 minutes, the manager must be contacted and informed of the situation.
  1. Two staff should remain at the centre at all times. Centre staff must continue to attempt to contact all nominated emergency contacts to collect the child.
  1. After one hour staff are to call local police are called to collect the child

Policy reviewed August 2017