Parent Communication

It is the policy of the centre to communicate daily with parents both verbally and in writing.


  1. Daily contact between parents and staff members is an important part of communication. By sharing information concerning the child’s activities and welfare, we can work together to meet the child’s needs.

  2. Staff communicate with parents, describing special events during the day and other relevant details regarding meals and sleep/rest time.

  3. The centre and staff will keep various written reports regarding nappy changes, sleeping times, meals etc.

  4. Parent participation and communication is encouraged at all times.

  5. Parents who have a child at the centre, may visit at any time during the hours of operation.

  6. We encourage parents who have special talents, skills or experiences, to share these with the rooms.

  7. Newsletters are published quarterly to keep families informed of upcoming events, changes in policies and childcare information.

  8. Parent interviews will be arranged if requested, to allow parents and staff time to discuss their child’s progress or any concerns they may have.

  9. Parents are encouraged to bring concerns or grievances to the attention of the centre manager or staff immediately, so we can resolve any issues promptly.

  1. Parents may write down any comments as we welcome positive as well as negative feedback. These may be anonymous.

  2. Posters, policies and other information are displayed throughout the centre. Parents are encouraged to take the time to read this information.

    Policy reviewed August 2017