Settling Children Into The Centre

It is the policy of the centre to ensure that the separation process be managed to meet the needs of the child and parents.


  1. Before a child commences, it is recommended that the child and parents attend the centre to become familiar with the staff, the daily activities and the surroundings.

  2. Always leave a child with a staff member, never alone.

  3. Our early childhood professionals will assist children to separate from their parents and ensure the child becomes involved in an appropriate activity.

  4. Parents should always tell their child that they will be back, and when possible, align their return with a specific event, e.g. afternoon tea.

  5. Always say ‘goodbye’, never sneak away. Nothing is more frightening for a child than to turn around and find that their parent has disappeared.

  6. Try to avoid extending the separation period. Parents should leave once they have said ‘goodbye’. Repeatedly returning only serves to upset the child more as they sense parent hesitation.

  7. In almost all situations, children do not remain upset for very long once parents have left. Some children do take longer than others to settle in and we encourage parents to persevere and try to make the experience as positive as possible.

  8. Parents are encouraged to telephone the centre to ask how their child is progressing. It can be reassuring to know how you child is.

Policy reviewed August 2017