Orientation Policy

It is policy of the Centre to offer orientation to all families which commences one week prior so lasting one week later to starting. Orientation is charged at $20 per hour.


  1. The Centre Manager will discuss the orientation process with families. We offer two orientation sessions the week before your child is due to commence

  2. Orientation sessions are 9.00am - 11.00am and 1:00pm - 3:00pm.

  3. You are invited to spend time in the room or leave your child with the Educators. Your child must be signed in before you leave the centre.

  4. The orientation provides an opportunity for parents and care-givers to meet and spend time in the children’s room to observe the program and routines.

  5. Orientation is designed to be relaxed and flexible giving the child and parent an opportunity to observe and participate in the new environment.

  6. During the orientation period the room leader will invite parents to spend time in the room in order to be provided oral and written information including: -
    • A general overview of the programs, routine, environment and the staff in the child’s room.
    • The philosophy and goals of the program.
    • Individual record keeping and portfolios.
    • An explanation of how the parent can be involved in the program and participate in their child’s development.
    • Any questions relating to the child’s needs, interests, routines, behavior, sleep/rest patterns, special requirements, health, fears, dietary needs, culture, family values, etc will be discussed with the parent or guardian.

  1. Please note that orientation is not compulsory.

Policy reviewed August 2017