Maintenance of Building And Equipment Policy

Lili’s Early Learning has a duty of care to provide all persons with a safe and healthy environment. An aspect of providing a safe environment for children relates to the ongoing vigilance and maintenance of equipment and the environment.

Check and maintain the safety of the centre and equipment at all times in accordance to centre procedures, and to notify the Centre manager of any issues immediately

  • A maintenance form is to be filled out when reporting any breakages or maintenance required.
  • Complete daily checklists which include:
    - check for spiders, bees, wasps, vandalism, glass etc
    - rake sandpit and check for any hazards
    - check fences for breakages
    - check grounds for dangerous items such as glass, razor blades, and syringes
    - check yard for animal excretions
    - make sure all access gates are securely locked and child proof
  • Ensure all plants and vegetation are non- poisonous according to the appropriate guidelines
  • All medication to be stored where it cannot not be accessed by children
  • All toxic and potentially dangerous products to be stored in the laundry or in cupboards that are out of reach of children and are clearly marked in their original packaging
  • All spillages on floors to be cleaned up immediately
  • Wet floor signs to be used after mopping the floors
  • Electrical appliances to be inaccessible to children
  • All electrical switches to be at a minimum height of 1.5m or to have protective covers fitted when not in use
  • Children not permitted in non children areas such as kitchen laundry and staffroom
  • Plastic bags to be placed out of children’s reach
  • Playground equipment above 1metre will have soft fall underneath and around it
  • Smoking to be prohibited at the centre
  • The fence or barrier is atheist 1.5 metres high measured from ground level and is non scalable

Fire equipment to be checked every six months by an external consultation

Sourced: Education and Care Services National Regulation
Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995
“Cleaning Chemical Management”
Essential Safety Measures /Site manual 2006
Policy reviewed August 2017