Grievance And Complaints Policy

Lili’s Early Learning has a duty of care to ensure that all persons are provided with a high level of equity and fairness in relation to grievances and complaints management and procedures.

In meeting the centre’s duty of care, management and staff agree to implement and endorse the Service’s Grievances and Complaints Management Policy.

It is the policy of this centre to address grievances/complaints promptly, with emphasis being placed on resolving issues in a professional and ethical manner. It is not ethical to involve other staff members or parents in an individual concern. It is also not ethical to involve outside agencies before addressing the issues with the centre manager. All matters are considered confidential and will be handled appropriately. 


Parents are encouraged to discuss minor concerns with a qualified staff member or the centre manager as soon as possible, so that they can be dealt with immediately.

If the grievance is more serious, parents should immediately discuss it with the centre director who will investigate and keep the parent informed of the action taken and outcome.

If the parent of a child enrolled at the centre makes a compliant to the licensee about the conduct of the centre, the licensee must, unless the complaint is an obvious trivial nature, give written notice to the director of any action taken in response to the complaint as soon as reasonably practicable.

We strive to ensure that our families are our priority. All complaints are verbally communicated between parents and staff and are dealt with quickly in a professional manner.

You may contact Leila Vaezy (Centre Manager) on 03 9885 6474      

If the matter is not resolved, families are most welcome to contact the Department of Human services and speak to a Children’s Services Officer at the South Western Victoria Region. by phone 03 8397 0300.

Sourced: Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act 1986
Education and Care Services National Regulation