Family Rights and Responsibilities Policy

Policy: Lili’s Early Learning (LEL), recognises children, staff and families' rights to a safe and positive environment at their Centre.

Purpose: To create safe and positive environments for families, children and LEL employees.


  • Each baby, toddler, three-five-year-old and school age child; children as individuals and as members of a group in the education and care setting, unless otherwise stated. It is inclusive of children from all social, cultural and linguistic backgrounds and of their learning styles, abilities, disabilities, gender, family circumstances and geographic locations (Guide to the National Quality Standard, 2011).

Families in relation to a child;

  • A parent, grandparents, sibling, uncle, aunt or cousin of the child, whether that relationship arises by birth, marriage (including a de facto relationship) or by adoption or otherwise; or
  • A relative of the child according to Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander tradition; or
  • A person with whom the child resides in a family-like relationship; or
  • A person who is recognised in the child’s community as having a familial role is respect of the child (National Law) (Guide to the National Quality Standard, 2011).

LEL is committed to respectful and collaborative relationships with families and communities, as we work together to create a positive environment for children - both where they live and where they learn - to actively promote children’s wellbeing, learning and development.

Family rights:

LEL educators are required to ensure practices in the Centre respect families' rights. At LEL our families have a right to:

Receive a quality early learning and care service that actively promotes their children’s wellbeing, learning and development
Have their privacy and confidentiality respected
Know what personal information is being collected, why it is being collected and have access to their records
A safe and supportive environment at their Centre
Visit the Centre at any time during operating hours (subject to the requirements of Regulation 157 of the Education and Care Services National Regulations)
Provide feedback, have any concerns addressed promptly and have issues resolved in a way that respects their privacy and complies with regulatory requirements
Receive regular communications about the Centre's operations and their child's wellbeing, learning and development

Be kept informed about:

    1. LEL policies and procedures in accordance with section 168 of the Education and Care Services National Regulations (the Regulations)
    2. LEL employees' obligation to act to protect any child who is at risk of harm through reporting to regulatory authorities
    3. their child’s educational program in accordance with regulation 73 - 76 of the Regulations
    4. the Centres' rating under the National Quality Standard Assessment and Rating
    5. the Centres' Quality Improvement Plan in accordance with regulation 31 of the Regulations

Be supported to understand documents, processes, policies and procedures at the Centre, including accessing interpreting services

Family responsibilities:

LEL educators are required to ensure practices at the Centre support families' responsibilities. At LEL our families have a responsibility to:

  1. Ensure a safe and positive environment in the Centre by being in control of their behaviour at all times and conducting themselves in a lawful, safe and responsible manner that respects the rights of others. Families must use appropriate language and volume of speech. The following behaviour towards any person are unacceptable: all forms of bullying, harassment, abuse, discrimination, actions that put another person at risk of harm, or threats of any kind. All unlawful actions will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Respect the confidentiality of sensitive information and photographs relating to the Centre, other families, children, and staff, at all times including on social media

Sign the attendance record each day your child is enrolled including days your child is absent
Ensure a suitably fit, authorised nominee collects your child from the Centre within operating hours and inform the Centre if alternative arrangements are made prior to collection
Participate in emergency procedures as directed by LEL employees

Immediately notify the Centre Manager of any changes to your child's:

    1. personal details
    2. emergency contact information or authorised nominees (see Emergency Contacts)
    3. enrolment (see Enrolment Form)
    4. health, medication or dietary requirements (see Medical Management Plan)

Raise any concerns about the Centre, learning and care services, staff or other families directly with the Centre Manager

Share relevant information with educators to support the wellbeing, learning and development of your children
Not smoke and not consume or bring alcohol, illegal drugs or other dangerous goods to the Centre at any time
Respect the property of the Centre and of children, families and staff
Pay fees on time in accordance with the payment terms and conditions outlined in the Enrolment Form
Understand the LEL Family Handbook and Enrolment Form, and comply with LEL policies and procedures.

LEL will work with families to resolve issues and remind family members that they have agreed to comply with these responsibilities by signing the LEL Enrolment Form. LEL can exclude individual adults from a Centre. If an adult is excluded from a Centre, the child’s enrolment will not be affected and families would be required to make arrangements for the safe delivery and collection of the child to the Centre by another person.

Using this Policy with Families:

These rights and responsibilities can be used by Centre Managers to set expectations with families about behaviour in the Centre and for dealing with unsafe or irresponsible behaviour by a family member.
If the Centre Manager needs support in dealing with the behaviour of family members that fails to meet these responsibilities, contact the General Manager for advice.


This policy is to be implemented by: LEL Educators and Families

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Policy reviewed August 2017