Employment of Child Care Professionals Policy

At Lili’s Early Learning, we believe it is important to recognize duty of care and how the recruitment and selection of child care professionals affects the health and wellbeing of children, families and peers.

All staff need to know what the centre’s expectations of them are and where they can find the relevant information relating to their employment.

Our aim is to set down clear guidelines so that prospective and existing staff understand what is expected of all parties in regard to employment.

Employment of all staff will meet regulatory requirements and all new employees will be on a probationary period of six months. During this period, there will be ongoing elevations of the staff member’s performance. Upon completion of the probation period staff will be evaluated with regard to their ongoing employment with LEL.

All employees are required to read and familiarise themselves with the staff handbook and also the centre’s philosophy, policies and procedures.

Staff are expected to present a positive reflection of the centre to the community as a whole. Any concerns that the staff have regarding the centre are to be dealt with according to the grievance procedure.

At LEL we believe recruitment to be of utmost importance, from the selection and induction process and then to continue with regular performance reviews and professional development opportunities. These occur annually.

At LEL we adhere to the State Regulations prescribed ratios:
1:4 for under three’s
1:15 for over three’s

We encourage staff to further develop their qualifications and to attend regular in-service training. Qualified staff are allocated two/three hours for planning each week. This involves observing the children and keeping records on individual children. These observations form the basis of the weekly/fortnightly plan.

Sourced: Education and Care Services National Regulation
Workplace Relations Act
Policy reviewed August 2017