Enrolment Policy Procedures

Upon confirmation of placement at LEL you will be required to complete an ‘Enrolment Form.’ On commencement day we will require ten minutes to discuss any questions relating to the enrolment form and brief you on the centre’s handbook.

Information on the enrolment form regarding your child and yourself is of great importance to us and necessary for our records. Should any changes to these details occur we request that you immediately notify the centre manager in order for our records to remain current.


Due to high demand LEL operates a “waiting list” system. If you wish to be placed on the list you will be required to fill out a form.

We suggest that you visit our centre and meet our staff and any questions that you may have can be answered at this time.

You will be notified as soon as a place becomes available or alternatively you can call us closer to the date you require care and we can inform you of your placement status at this time.

If you no longer wish to be on the waiting list we would greatly appreciate it if you could notify the centre, so that we can forfeit your position.

Please Note: - Due to regulations a priority waiting list will apply.

Our enrolment process is as follows:
1. With acceptance of enrolment, parents are required to pay a deposit of two weeks fees in advance to secure the child’s positon. The deposit is held as a bond to ensure that two week’s written notification is given of cancellation of a booking. Deposits are refunded to the nominated bank account provided the required written notice is given.

2. Parents or guardians must complete an enrolment form and sign an agreement to acknowledge acceptance of the terms and conditions of the centre.

3. Parents or guardians will be asked to complete a department health information form detailing immunisation status ongoing illness and allergies. Parents who have a child with a medical or allergic condition will be required to complete an applicable ‘Emergency/Allergy Management Plan.’ At no time can a child be left without these forms being completed.

Sourced: Education and Care Services National Regulations
Policy reviewed August 2017